My Trip To FADED NEEDLES by Mark Anglin

So, I have a near crippling fear of barbershops. This is partly due to my hairline being jacked from when I was scalped as a baby. Now officially a 30-something (god does that still takes some getting use too ) I find that I have to become an adult and get a regular barber that I trust. That said my hunt began during a trip to Williamsburg. My friend said I should get my haircut because we were going to a party later that day. I wanted to look good and he wanted me to look good as well. I was in a point of hair growth that made me look more beast than man. My old barber in Harlem now gone. Williamsburg seemed as good a place as any to try a new person.

The hunt began, I search around the corner near my friends place, nothing. I stopped into a local place next to a salon. The wait was long. Men huddled around there chairs, clippers buzzing, and a crowd of antsy men standing impatiently greeted me when I entered. I stopped to ask one of the barbers is there was availability. He pointed to the line, a simple gesture that turned me sour. Put off by his hand action. I turned to one of the patrons a young man. I asked if he knew of another place near by. He told me that there were several places down the strip.

I walked to the next one a boutique this time and asked if there was availability. The host/receptionist a young stout gentleman bald with a well trimmed beard said there should be one spot avail. I told him, I’d take it assuming the price would be reasonable. I should have known by the stylized interior and the barber being appointment only for the most part that it was gonna cost a pretty penny. Close to $100. Thats’s a NO!

I turned heel and continue walking another shop similar style this time closing directed me to my final stop and the subject of this entry, Faded Needles! It was located on the corner of S first street in brooklyn. The Relax chill atmosphere gave me every bit of the nostalgia I was used to I entered and was intrigued by the tattoo parlor next door sharing the space. Tattoo parlor and barbershop. Yes, and it’s major. My barber, Donaldo was amazing super chill. He explained that process and instantly made me feel comfortable. We shared laughs and stories about the show he had been watching a little earlier. His station was immaculate and his tools gorgeous. I never experienced a cut quite like his. I didn’t feel fear or apprehension. After the cut I thanked him for his time. I will definitely be back.

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PHONE GALLERY by Mark Anglin


I’ve had a lot of client’s ask me for tech advice and recommendations. In light of that and the recent release of Apple’s IPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and IOS 13 I will host my First ever Phone Gallery Monday October 7th at 1 PM. The location will be T-Mobile 2730 W 145th Street New York NY, 10039. This store is located right next to Popeyes.

So come Learn about Apple’s Amazing new device and T-Mobile. Not A T-Mobile Customer no worries you are still welcome to learn and if you have any questions afterwards about Joining T-Mobile. I’m happy to help you switch!

My OnePlus Experience by Mark Anglin

OnePlus has been on the tip of my tongue for. The past several month and Here’s why. With no other company have I found the number of features that carried in the OnePlus 7 Pro. Top to bottom the overall device build is resonating with my pockets. Though I will admit the Pop-up camera struck me as gimmicky at first. After a while I saw the utility of having a device that offered me a little bit of privacy with its camera inside of the device I felt a bit more secure in its ability to go into the phone no pesky spying on me.

To top it off the screen is beautiful and responsive. Swiping up and down is defiantly buttery. I am happy to pin it against my current daily device an apple running IOS 13.2.1

The hand feel is comfortable and not overwhelming despite its large size not having a top notch or punch hole camera is. A perk that the brand takes advantage of.

I am not a big specs guy however for the modest price tag the $649.00 USD for 8GB of RAM and 256GB of Storage is defiantly giving me the feels.

Just a few things that have been making me love this Device.

ANGLIN SELECTS: Cold Skin Care favorites by Mark Anglin

Elemis Ginseng toner

Why I love it I am nota fan of toners typically from my experience they have dried out my skin and made me feel tight and uncomfortable. the Elemis cleanser does none of that and I am so thankful for it. the sent is light and refreshing and leaves my skin supple while closing my pores. 

Elemis Rosepetal Cleanser

Perfect for my skin type ( normal)  I feel light and clean. fresh faced after each and every wash. the formula is rich without being heavy. 

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream & Cleansing Balm
Elemis Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil,


Don't Like Speaking Up? by Mark Anglin

Having trouble speaking up at work, during hard times, during good times. Guess what you are not alone! I have been struggling with the same aversion to saying what is on my mind.  In a  fast pace work environment its important to get to the “point.” However, its not the only path towards being heard.

This week at my part-time job. I took a step back to evaluate how I was being  perceived by my co-workers. I asked for direct feedback from both my management team and  collegues.  What did I find  out?

Most though they did not say it directly suffered from the same worry about perception. why because It is human to want to fit in. we are social beings and  like most social creatures the safety we crave from the group is put in jeapordy when we are an outsider.

So what is my advice, Take a step back. reach out to others be willing to open up to a few trusted friends. build bridges. don't set fires. pick your battles. and stay consistent. 



Update - separated from that employer

10.30.2018 Why Robin? Why? by Mark Anglin

“I feel a way!”  A phrase that has become synonymous with today’s cancel culture.

I have been struggling to reconcile our cultures somewhat shallow shift towards political correctness with my personal moral convictions. This gale forced wind stirring up  our society, has created a rift between friends and colleagues alike.

Inherent in the conversations between one another is the expectation that we all share the same social context, have social awareness, and will agree with each other.

This is not a brothers keeper mentality. It is the witch hunt for ideas and policies that don’t agree with your own. Twisting social narratives to support whatever view is popular. The beauty is many people finally feel heard. The sad part is many people are left out of the conversation.  For society, to move forward there are bound to be some casualties of change.

Millennials on both sides of the moral aisle have lost the ability to have any meaningful discourse about difficult issues. Leave others to feel just that “other” swayed by popular opinion most remain ignorant to the affects of their voice and actions on the so called cancelled..The word indignant an adjective whose definition is the perfect descriptor for such actors. They the “hurt” display or feel a great deal of anger or annoyance when faced with anything that would or should dissuade their beliefs. 

  1. feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment."he was indignant at being the object of suspicion"

Taking twigs of others arguments to support their fragile nest. They leave issue  for another.  

“ Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous anger is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesusdrove the money lenders out of the temple(Gospel of Matthew 21).”

Worlds by Mark Anglin

Worlds - 9/9/18

To think of time in such a linear way

To say the things that you wish to say

Does not the time just melt away

Drifting to and fro’

Sailing down the deep narrows

Conversation wrapped

Spirit lines tap

Does not the world just melt away

From the bales beyond the vales

Sits vails on a shelf

Big thoughts carried by a silver Dragon’s Light

Worlds away from now

Worlds away from now

In a reverie by Mark Anglin

In a reverie

In a dream

In a seamless state so it seems

In a reverie but a dream

Tell the watcher man he has the means

Four days laid four ways with for A’s

In a state where none relate

In a land where none can stand

In a boat adrift we float

In a reverie

Tell the clockmaker who ticks his watch

That the sands running low

Tell atlas the grounds succumbed

That’s mans taken it’s final blow

Tell him now it’s his final bow

That his stern look shall be mistook

In a reverie sailing with wind across our bow

In a restful wait

In a quiet place

In a moment we call now


11:10 am

3 Train to 148th

New years thoughts by Mark Anglin

Every year I start with a single thought in my mind.... I want to change. In some ways staying the same is easy. You just remain - The Same!  However, I find with the intense need to stay the same you leave a lot left undone. 

Furthermore, you leave a lot left unspoken. That’s not the way of me... I try to stick to my guns though hold true to who I am as a person and that is where the idea to change comes in. The idea to do something that I have never done before -thrills me to no end!

I hope that I can be the person that will always be this fun. I keep this in mind as I continue into this year. 

I believe you should find something to hold on to as you change. And it’s that, that is the thing that seems to scare me the most. That feeling I won’t  find something that will remain when i have changed so much that I dont reconize myself. I haven’t quite figured out how to reconcile that emotion. 

I know that I am me and that will never change. but the person i have become is totally different from where i started.


i am bolder but what does that mean in the grand scheme. 


Food for thought  




I am so happy to have another project published. The EveryMan Project has been near and dear to my heart for several months now and I am happy that it has gone international!

Congrats to Tarik Carroll Photography + Tarik Carroll Creative and the rest of the EveryMan Team on this awesome feature in Stylist France!


Anglin Assists _ The EveryMan Project feature in Stylist France!.jpg

Playlist of the week - JP MORGAN DREAMS by Mark Anglin



For some of us chasing the dollar can be a never ending struggle. In this world of maximum indulgence. The cost of living far exceeds our in come. Still it’s nice to dream isn’t. This playlist is for those of us who have JP MORGAN DREAMS on a pre-paid budget(s).  

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That Time I Shot: A(n) Office by Mark Anglin

During a crazy year of change and reinvention. I was able to meet and shoot the architecture Studio A(n) Office.  "A(n) Office is a collaborative studio structure for McEwen Studio and Marcelo López-Dinardi." -  Archinect, Mackenzie Goldberg 2017

Anglin Social: HQ PIXEL & Sterling Baston by Mark Anglin

I am so happy to work with two new friends. I love that i get to add them to my community management list.  I hope the universe keep the work coming. Make sure to check out HQ Pixel, a gorgeous photo studio available for rent in Brooklyn NY for photography and filming.  Also visit Sterling Batson, he is a Portrait Photographer currently based in Brooklyn.







Playlist Of The Week - What Are You On by Mark Anglin

I am always looking for new music. This week I revisited an old playlist. It was inspired by life's randomness. I encountered a person that made me wonder "What are you on?".  I was listening to Roy Woods at that time funny how life just works like that.  He was a crazy type, a vibe that pulls you in and also scares you away. For me it's always amazing meeting people who are of that nature. They show me that there is simply another way of being. So, as I listen I am reminded to shake off the funk of the day to day and set to creating awesome experiences with every moment I live. Hope you enjoy the playlist it's a fun little ride.



Me As A Model Coach by Mark Anglin

I have a general concept of what I want to see in a photo.  When I coach models I love the expressions, movement, and shapes they create. There is that certain moment when a body becomes more than the sum of its parts. There's a synergy of emotion and motion in the movement that sings to me. When that synergy is all that remains, I consider a photo whole. I often tell our clients and models that the natural progression of their unique bodies can only serve the photo. 

The candid moment for me happens not when the subject lets go... it happens when the moment and they become one.

When coaching I don't spend much time dwelling on fake smiles and canned movements. I mirror the model. I range from ultra serious/stern to the practical joker/ comedian. I find it helps me speak in a way that is familiar and relates to them. It is in that way they understand the intent of what it is we are trying to accomplish. For this, I adopt the way they may pronounce words or the speed at which they might talk.  Even if I want all our models, clients, and teammates to look elegant and  powerful with a subtle hint of vulnerability, I first make sure that is what works for their personal/professional goals and that of the photo.  

On set I am everyone's biggest cheerleader. I believe the set should be a safe place to experiment. I always encourage and redirect when I see something that isn't quite working.

Modeling for me should be less about memorizing shapes and poses.  I would equate that to learning words before you learn grammar. You should never assume you can speak a language with words alone.  You need a basic understanding of grammar of movement. I find this in the form of accessible emotional literacy, the language of truth and empathy. I work well with former actors. They are usually great at drawing out emotion and allowing themselves to play in front of the camera. I hope that the end photo translates pure intent to the audience through a timeless expression of truth.