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Mark Anglin

Life lover, Animal Adorer, Techie, and General Optimist.

Hey Friend,

My name is Mark Anglin I am photographer, stylist, assistant and the founder of Anglin Assists my Brand studio and Lifestyle blog. 

I specialize in brand strategy, organization, development and offer branding services to businesses and photographers within the New York City Metro Area.  I craft modern, creative, cost-saving solutions with a lighthearted approach to problems that face you business.  

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Finding your niche can be hard. I wanted to combine my love of photography, business, branding and production in one place. So, I leveraged my collective experience (as a published stylist, photographer, Task Rabbit and community manager) to create Anglin Assists.

Additionally, you can be sure I will apply my over 10+ years work experience to catapult your brand in to the hearts of millions as I have done with @theeverymanproject. I’ve learned what it takes to work with some of New York's Elite People and companies. My method is heavily interested in human motivation; a topic which continually fascinates me.  My attention to detail continues to astonish clients teammates and friends a like.

My Mission

My mission in life is to create a better world through action as a servant-leader. My methodology and core philosophy is to be a better human being you must first walk a better walk.   

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